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Iím not sure if this should go under PTSD or sleep issues. I know I have PTSD so I guess Iíll start here.
A little of a back story: when I was 11, one night a family member came into my room while I was supposed to be sleeping and touched me inappropriately. I regret not doing anything about it- all I knew how to do was lay there and pretend to be asleep because I was afraid of being in trouble if anyone found out I wasnít. After he left, I remember standing outside my momís bedroom just trying to figure out if I should tell her or not. I didnít. Instead, I went back into my room and just sat there, scared.
Itís been 10 years. I have seen multiple therapists, although Iíve never taken medication for PTSD or the depression that I gained somewhere along the way. I even told my parents about what happened 2 years ago and Iíve gone as far as confronting the person who did this to me.. it didnít end well because now most of my family thinks it was just some nightmare I had and Iím looking for attention.
I have two daughters and Iím at a point where I donít trust anyone else alone with them aside from myself.
My main concern right now is I donít understand why Iím still having vivid nightmares about the incident when itís been 10 years and Iíve tried getting help. I donít understand why I have to keep reliving it. Sometimes the nightmares go as far as the relative killing me because I try to call out for my mom and I feel actual pain and pressure.
I donít know what to do and Iím just confused and I feel just as scared as I did when I was 11.
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Default Re: Not sure where to put this...

Hi BoBoChick, welcome to the forum. You have posted in the right place.

Nightmares are a common symptom of trauma. (I have regular nightmares about school because I was criminally abused by teachers.) I had nightmares so severe I had to take medication for them. Nightmares are a symptom of unresolved issues.

Have you talked about what happened to you with a therapist who is trained to deal with trauma?
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Welcome to Psych Central, BoBoChick. Here are links to 10 articles, from Psych Central's archives, that (hopefully) may be of some help:

5 Nuts and Bolts of the Traumatized Brain (Part 1) | The Savvy Shrink

5 More Nuts and Bolts of the Traumatized Brain (Part 2) | The Savvy Shrink

5 More Nuts and Bolts of the Traumatized Brain (Part 3) | The Savvy Shrink

5 Ways to Heal the Traumatized Brain (Part 4) | The Savvy Shrink

Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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