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Book horrible childhood... help

I've been living with a very trouble secret. Every since I could remember, i had been molested by my male parent. I'm 26 now and it hadn't stopped until i was 18/19. I have 8 other siblings on which had lived with me, and a mother. I really CANNOT go into details about my entire childhood and adolescents but my life now as a result is very unstable. I have a daughter who is suffering from my inadequacies as a mother. She is a super naturally happy young girl who has all the potential in the world, but my concern is not teaching her well enough for the things i didn't get on my childhood and while i was a Yong adult. I'm socially inept, very quiet, passive...
Anyway, i have been living with nightmares all of my life. I avoid EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO with rape ( though i wasn't raped) and molestation. If there's a movie on or a show I ued to freeze and have a panic attack. Now i conditioned myself enough to not be in the type of situation at all. I don't know how that happened, but after years of avoiding that it just took root, i guess and seem like it conditioned my reality too. I hope i didn't lose you. Lol.

If anyone could relate or know at minimum what I'm going through, it'll be great to hear. from you.
Thank you for reading,
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Default Re: horrible childhood... help

I suggest you post in the survivors of abuse forum. This forum is not related to your issue. You will find people there who will understand. Okay?
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