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Heart Re: Pregnant. I should be happy!

Originally Posted by ArtBen2014 View Post
Hi there,

I'm currently 8.5 weeks pregnant with kiddo #2. When I was pregnant with my first, my little boy, I spent time in the hospital for depression. It was awful. The worst few weeks of my life. I had hoped it would never happen again. But I'm going through the same thing now and I'm afraid I'll end up in the hospital again. Away from my sweet boy. I've recently increased my meds, so I'm waiting for them to kick in. Currently they are just making me more anxious, but I know that's just temporary.

Does anyone else have experience with antepartum depression? I'd love to know that I'm not alone.

Thank you!
I did with my 3rd pregnancy. I could barely function. With my 1st one, I became extremely manic--and not the "happy manic." The only one that wasn't so bad was my 2nd one.
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Default Re: Pregnant. I should be happy!

You're not alone. I'm pregnant with #2 and also depressed, was planning on going out to the shop but literally can't face the drama of getting both me and kiddo out of the house, so just put on the TV. Therapy and a good supportive midwife should help... basically support. Do you have much support where you are?
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