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Frown antenatal depression?

Is there a forum to discuss antenatal depression? I'm not sure that is what I have, but I'm 4.5 months pregnant and my stress, anxiety, and depression have kicked into high gear lately. Im just not myself... At times I feel like I'm looking at myself on the outside as a person I barely recognize. I'm not sad about my pregnancy.. In fact the seems to be the one thing in my life I am happy about. But on the other hand, I don't want to bring this baby into my life when I'm feeling how I've been feeling lately. I want the absolute best for him and I am worried I won't physically be able to be the type of mom I want to be. I have a 2.5 year old daughter who has witnessed me breakdown crying, yelling and losing all my patience, and immediately feeling guilty... I have been trying really hard for her but it's hard sometimes. She ends up watching a lot more tv than I'd like her too because at times I don't have the energy to run around and do the things I wish I could be doing with her. And when I do, I'm not 100% all there. And that pains me even more because I just love and cherish every moment with her and I know this phase goes so quick. And as for my husband... I am finding myself getting angry and bitter toward him quite often, or just plain sad and upset that things aren't the same with us anymore and it's all my fault.
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Default Re: antenatal depression?

I'm so sorry you are going through depression. I will ask the mods about a forum for antenatal depression. xo
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Default Re: antenatal depression?

Hi there,
I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm here actually because my husband is dealing with antenatal depression (I'm 8 months pregnant) and I'm looking for ways that I can be of help to him.
The one thing I can say to you is PLEASE be gentle with yourself. You're doing a great job at being a mom and wife. Just the fact that you're feeling guilty tells me that you always do whatever you can for your family. Maybe just cuddling with your daughter while you both watch TV together can help you feel like you aren't losing the time with her, or feel guilty about the TV time. Your body is going through a lot right now and so is your mind, so give yourself the okay to let it go for a little bit..
When it comes to your husband (speaking as the wife of someone going through what you are...), pick something... even if its ONE thing.. ask him to help you with it. Pick something that he can take off your plate if you're feeling overwhelmed.... pick cuddling with him in silence for 10 minutes everyday if you're feeling distant or unconnected with him... ask him to tell you one thing each day for a week of why he fell in love with you...I would love for my husband to reach out to me and tell me how I can help.
Anyway. I hope this gave you an idea or two. If they let you know of an antenatal depression forum, let me know!
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