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Default How long does it take for nausea to pass?

I've been on Prozac for 3 days, todays the first time I've had side affects of nausea and a slight headache. It's been almost 20mins and I really hate this. When does it go away? Someone help me. Can I ease the symptoms somehow?
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Default Re: How long does it take for nausea to pass?

I remember when I first started Prozac I had the same problem with nausea. It lasted a few weeks for me (I don't mean that I was constantly nauseous for several weeks, but, I did feel nauseous at some point every day for several weeks when I first started taking Prozac). But then my nausea went away completely.

If your nausea is really bad then I would tell your doctor and he/she can put you on a lower dose. I'm not sure what dose you are taking right now, but perhaps it's too high to start with?

Also, there is a form of liquid Prozac which is supposed to be easier to tolerate (for folks who experience a lot of nausea) so you could also ask your doctor about that.

Good luck to you!
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