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Default Seroquel killing Anxiety

So this is a little weird. Monday my fdoc upped my dosage of Seroquel to 200mg instead of the previous dosage of 100mg. I'm also on Buspar, but it feels like my anxiety is gone. I always had a few anxiety breakthroughs with the Buspar and it felt like the 100mg of Seroquel was doing something to my anxiety but it was still prevalent. But the past two days it feels like I don't have anxiety.

I got the rejection letter from unemployment and what should have sent me into a full on panic attack, I honestly felt indifferent towards. I also had to drop of something at my former workplace and I was fine waiting in the car while the boyfriend took the test to the lab. I should have been having a panic attack in the car seeing my former workplace.

It's like I don't know how to explain what is happening to my anxiety. Has anyone else experienced something similar with Seroquel?
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Default Re: Seroquel killing Anxiety

yes. I take Seroquel, and it totally knocks out my anxiety.


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Seroquel killing Anxiety

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Default Re: Seroquel killing Anxiety

Nope. Seroquel didn't do anything for me except cause me to gain weight. You're fortunate.
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