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Default Re: Bipolar Disorder- carbamazepine and latuda

Originally Posted by thenewexperience View Post
Thank you so much for the reply. It's interesting, I slept 12 (yes 12 hours last night and I feel like my brain is working OK today. Do I need to sleep this long every night? ha

Any way, I see the doc tomorrow, and I have a list of questions for him, and I will not leave until I get them answered
Glad to hear you are being proactive concerning your mental health. I always question my doctor's decisions to see just why it is they think certain combinations work in respect to my symptoms.
I'm bipolar 1, agoraphobic, ocd, and gad. Fairly happy go lucky.

Prozac 20mg
Geodon 80mg
Saphris 10mg
Lamictal 150mg

All I can offer is my heartfelt honesty
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Default Re: Bipolar Disorder- carbamazepine and latuda

Originally Posted by Geminezmarie View Post
Glad you posted!! I stumbled upon this looking for someone else on Tegretol and a stimulant.

I’ve been on Adderall daily for 3-4 years, started Tegretol last September and Adderall stopped working. Now am trying Dexedrine—same problem. Doesn’t help with the focus like pre-Tegretol plus I do have a crash now with some mood drop/anxiety. And I kinda need to do some work at some point

Also, I hope your doctor cleared up how Latuda levels can be reduced on Tegretol. I happen to be on Latuda as well. It’s been great for me and I’ve had no problems, curious if you’re still on the combo?

Best wishes!
Sorry for the late reply! So things for a bit got worse for me, and then better once I was prescribed lexapro. Now, my new doc thinks I should go off the tegretol and stick to latuda and lexapro. She says I can go cold turkey off the tegretol cause it's such a low dose. Her thinking is it was giving me all the side effects, but none of the benefits. How are things going for you?
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