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Default Differences between generics :(

I am "somewhere on the bipolar spectrum" with mainly depressive episodes. I just started taking a different brand of Geodon last night (Aurobindo) and I feel terrible today. I slept fine but am so exhausted and just "not right" today. Has anyone else had bad experiences with certain generics? (I can't think of any other reason why I'm feeling so yucky today....). Ugh!
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Default Re: Differences between generics :(

Each generic is supposed to have the same amount of the drug as the brand name. That being said each generic uses different fillers. So it could be one of the fillers make you feel this way. I swear there is a difference in generic benzo's even though there isn't supposed to be. I see this is your first post. Welcome to psych central.

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Default Re: Differences between generics :(

I have found there are differences between generics and branded medications. Don't let them tell you otherwise. When a pharmacy changed the medication I was on from the branded to the generic I found I was crying all the time. I asked them to go back to the branded medication and the tears backed off.
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Default Re: Differences between generics :(

It could be the change in generic or not. Maybe if you really think it is, next time call another pharmacy and ask if they have a different generic. I noticed where you're from. I know the area very well. I know there are various pharmacies in your area (one at Giant, one near McDonald's, and a CVS across the river in a shopping center near the toll bridge exit. Maybe another?)

You know, it takes a little time to adjust to any minor change. Also, we all have some crap days that crop up, but hopefully what you feel today will pass soon.

I never found Geodon or it's generics as great depression fighters. It helped a bit more on my manic symptoms. I've also taken other meds (in conjunction with Geodon) that aided with depression more.
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Default Re: Differences between generics :(

I cant tell you how many times a Dr/pharmacist told me theres no difference. To me there was some pretty huge differences. I once took a generic gabapentin and had bad vertigo and was so dizzy non-stop i had to stop taking it within a week. Went to the name brand and nothing, no dizziness at all. Stayed on that drug for almost three years with no issues at all.
Same with wellbutrin. First generic it tried i was all sorts of messed up, it was hell, after four days i threw in the towel. Went to another generic and perfectly fine, no issues at all, still on it, about 8 months now.
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Default Re: Differences between generics :(

The release speed might be different.... even between different brands of the same med.

For example, I take nortriptyline from the bran "Norfenazin", it is a regular tablet. I cannot take the same dose from the brand "Paxitibi", it is a coated tablet that release the med more slowly.

It also makes a great different if it is a capsule instead of a tablet, which type of capsule (soft or hard).
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Default Re: Differences between generics :(

My pdoc was well aware of particular generics that just did not work well for some patients (and there was no real way to predict who would be bothered). He had seen enough issues with certain meds that he specified brand name for those particular meds. I went through the whole Wellbutrin debacle years ago where even the FDA pulled the generics off the shelves (landed me in the hospital), so I learned that even a change in generic manufacturers can be a problem (again, for certain people for certain generics).

Eventually, we figured out which generic manufacturers worked okay for me and my pdoc actually specified the manufacturer for the generic. Pharmacy wasn't happy about having to order specifically, but they did.

Let you pdoc know what you are experiencing so he can specific brand name for geodon for you. He'll probably have to document your reaction (and you can actually document it with the FDA -- there's a website for that somewhere) so that insurance will cover you, but it would be worth doing. In the meantime, you pdoc may have samples of the brand name while the insurance thing gets straightened out.
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