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Default "shopping" for medication

I can't say enough how much this disturbs me. I think this sort of thinking stems from the propensity for drug companies to advertise their medications. They make their medications sound perfect and a generalised band-aid solution for everything. I see these things on American television. Such ads are illegal in my country of Canada - and for good reason.

Please don't take it upon yourselves to decide on what medications are best for you. This is a decision best made by a mental-health professional tailor made for your own particular issues and situation. They know best. They've the education and benefit of research you don't have.
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Default Re: "shopping" for medication

Some doctors donít take the time of day and just shove pills at u

I was seeing a psych doc for 6 years and he had no idea what to do and just gave me whatever

I found since doing my own research then presenting it and discussioning it with my doc is the best option

I believe u should know what ur putting in ur body

These doctors see so many patients and donít know ur body like u do!!!
Itís so important to be informed

Iíve been on over 20 psych meds
And Iím still searching for the right meds
And the only one Iíve actually had scuess on is one I!!!! Did research on and asked to be put on.
My previous psych doc did not ever discuss and side effects to meds with me or anything just a 5 min appt every 2 months and a prescription
U know urself better then the doctors u live with ur self everyday
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Default Re: "shopping" for medication

i started researching because i didn't get good results from my 1st shrinks 1st and 2nd tries. later on, i found out that individual had a routine...if a patient presents with A, prescribe X. if that fails, B...all very formulaic. not surprisingly, that doctor had some seriously dissatisfied former patients., it seems that the prescriber who treats me listens but also has the final say so. i try to keep my daily intake to 3 psych drugs or less (thank goodness, no Rx treatments for any other problems). i don't like sedating drugs. i like to keep the dosage a bit below the max, when possible. i like to at least have someone take a look at me, for signs of TD, now and then. and...

now and then, i like to try to drop the antidepressant and do without. sometimes it works for a year or 2, other times...nope. and i dont like psych drugs that require tons of blood work. that end, i kind of "shop," because i refuse lithium, depakote, tegretol, clozapine, most antipsychotics, ssri drugs, ssnri drugs, and heavy cocktails.

but...having input also helps me, personally. and the results seem to be better than when i had shrinks tell me you need blah blah blah, do blah blah blah, pay the office people on your way out, buh bye.
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Default Re: "shopping" for medication

I think the issue is seeing a commercial for medication and getting your heart set on taking it. Sometimes I wish this was not allowed like you said. Other times I think it's interesting to have a general idea of what is out there and doing your own research. Ultimately though I do not have a medical degree so if my doctor decides it's not an option I usually take their advice. The thing is people go in with self diagnosisís is and they go in with their mind made up and they tend to get very upset and angry when what the doctor says doesn't line up with what they think. I think being open minded is a good skill for both doctors and patients to have. important but I think we have to realize that doctors do you have a degree and do you have the knowledge to help us. The exception would be a doctor that consistently steered wrong, doesn't
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Default Re: "shopping" for medication

Doctors don't know everything and they certainly don't know how a drug will affect you. Not all doctors, but a lot appreciate an informed patient. It is YOUR health care and YOUR life. As stated above, you know your body better than a doctor, and a good doctor will listen to you.

I have also tried a lot of different meds and after YEARS of trying different combinations finally have the right meds for me.

There is not a thing wrong with doing your own investigation on what's available these days. In fact it's easy to do with the Internet.

A smart patient participates in their care. Not just be a lump that has no input.

"Shopping" is maybe not the best word for it, but reading up on meds and other's experiences with them is a really good way to evaluate if it's a good fit for you.
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Default Re: "shopping" for medication

I wouldn't call it "shopping" for medication either.

People should do their own research if they feel they want to in addition to what their doctor recommends and work together to come up with a plan/agreement for the best option of what to try or change.

Many doctors encourage patients to so some research, mine have and we discuss it. The doctor ultimately has the expertise in medicine and psychiatry but people sometimes know themselves and their own history a little better than whoever's treating them. I've had very bad experiences with doctors that just throw meds at you and don't even take in your opinion, actually ended up in the ICU for a week one time due to that.

It's definitely important to participate in your own care and advocate for yourself when necessary.

I can understand if you're referring to someone who goes to a doctor and tells the doctor a certain med they want, such as a controlled substance and that it's the only thing they are willing to take. That's a little different...

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