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Default Should I restart olanzapine/zyprexa?

I had been on an olanzapine and Prozac combo which worked ok but was never 100%.
My new doc wanted me off it to get me better andcos of the weight gain. Since April Iíve stopped them both and have gradually increased amitryptaline to 100mg and aripiprazole to 20mg. My anxiety is through the roof even tho Iím also taking propranolol. I donít know what to do , go back on the old combo . My weight is a huge issue, Iíve had a gastric bypass in 2009 and olanzapine made me put on 4 stone.

Whatís your advice guys as I canít function like this, doc wants to sign me off work.

Thanks x
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Default Re: Should I restart olanzapine/zyprexa?

Aripiprazole is not usually a huge weight gainer. Is it for you, or was that the olanzapine mostly?

Propranolol worked well for my anxiety. Buspar did not work really at all. Klonopin is fantastic, except it puts me in a coma and triggers my depression.
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Default Re: Should I restart olanzapine/zyprexa?

I certainly would not go back on it since it already cause a large weight gain. Especially since youíve had weight loss surgery in the past.

There are some meds that are more weight neutral. Invega comes to mind, also Haldol , old school but itís helpful for many people .

Personally I will never take zyprexa again. I gained almost 30 lbs in a month! Iíll stay unstable before I eat until Iím diabetic or my joints give out from weight gain.

Talk to your Pdoc there are lots of other options.
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