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Default That ? Mark.

So I asked T a personal question yesterday. She replied.
Part of the answer is for me a trigger.
She then added "does that worry you?"
I done my normal no nod. Knowing fullwell it did.
So when I got home I sent an email first saying she'll probably lie thrm asking her if it effected her like it would me as I'm imagining her feeling all the sick feelings I'd felt.
T replied "no I wouldn't lie, , it's not nice but it doesn't destroy me"
After a while angry her grew and grew in my head.
I emailed late asking if she was angry that I asked because she'd angry in my head.
She replied "No I'm not angry..... Then added - are you OK?"

I thought back to Xmas when I went into one because she hadn't put a question mark (old thread somewhere)
I felt touched that she takes on boards and always tries to adapt to my needs. Something she said my adoptive mother never attempted.
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