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Default Re: Can anyone explain what is the point in repeatedly talking about past trauma...

HUGS @Mindtraveller I'm sorry this is re-traumatizing to you. Please communicate with your T about your distress and how talking about the trauma is affecting you. HUGS stay safe. Kit
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Default Re: Can anyone explain what is the point in repeatedly talking about past trauma...

One of the major traumas in my life happened more than twenty years ago. It has been a relief to have somewhere to talk about it. There just arenít that many places to talk about Ďmyí trauma, therapist exploitation.

What Iíve learned twenty-some years out is I am looking at it from a different perspective as a sixty-five year old than I was when I was in my early forties. My emotions arenít so raw and I can be more objective about it now.

Talking about the trauma from the distance of time has allowed me to reflect and discover new questions I didnít have time or the focus to consider before. He was arrested, why wasnít he ever prosecuted? Why did he do this or that?

In the past, Iíd look back on everything that happened as a giant confusing messy blob that was labeled, ďtherapist exploitation.Ē Finding answers to new questions has made the whole business clearer in my mind.

Perhaps another positive of continuing to talk about it is, the event has lost some of itís power. Itís still hurtful and can be triggering but he doesnít scare me anymore.

You are the best judge about whether you should continue talking about trauma. You control the pace..the doses...maybe youíre done with it? If not, the issues may pop up again and you can deal with it (or not) as needed.
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