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Default Value of $ How to flip $20


Please be a little bit mindful of the how far $20 can go. That is 20 items, it doesn't really matter whom is home. It matters, that you eat and survive. After the basic necessities are taken care of which includes food, sanitation, and other basic needs.

There are several stores that are friends when it comes to our budget.

Dollar Tree
Family Dollar
Five Below

And several other places to achieve the newness and beginning to avoid the social rut that life transitions lead to overcome.
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Default Re: Value of $ How to flip $20

I’m always on a extreme tight budget.

I bought a 25 lb bag of rice. And a case of canned beans , it’s my back up food , sure it might not be what I want but it good protein and filling.

I also buy a couple pack of boneless chicken breasts for 10,00 a pack. My husband and I split split one , which is plenty , most packs have 7 so if your eating for one split in quarters.

I think when possible buy some bulk food to freeze.

I buy a flat of green beans and corn at stores like save a lot , much cheaper.

Anyway over time I have acquired a good amount of food stocked up , I usually just need to buy bread and eggs maybe milk weekly , but for meals I just pull out a pre package meat , chicken or pork. I have probably 12 portions of homemade pre cooked meatballs portioned into to storage bags frozen , I can easily pull out for spaghetti or hoagies.

I do my main grocery shopping once a month or every 6 weeks.

I plan out meals.

All of the above has taken about 4 months to get things purchased and individually packaged.

By shopping this way I have cut out old typical monthly food cost in half.

20.00 can indeed go along way if someone is willing to take time to slowly stock pile basics.

Every dime I save excites me !!!!!!
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Default Re: Value of $ How to flip $20

It's so different what food is cheap, because where you live. Here potatoes are cheap, so sometimes I plan around potatoes a lot. I usually boil potatoes and use half for one meal, maybe mashed, with something cheap, like hotdogs and a cheap veggie (maybe grated carrot). The other part I fry up the next day with onion (which is really cheap here) and eggs.

Now in fall people have too much apple where I live, so I ask tree owners if I can pick some for free and they almost never say no. My favorite almost from apples is to make apple sauce and eat on thin pancakes (European pancakes). Also possible to use the same batter to make an oven pancake with apple wedges in it (maybe with cinnamon). Euro pancakes is 2 part milk to 1 part flour and no baking powder. And eggs and a bit of butter.

I love how we up here are fans of crisp bread and that it is cheap, because with soft bread I find myself not eating the bread as fast as I planned and it will go bad.

I don't really care if they say cheap sausage is bad food, I use it a lot in different ways.
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