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Default Re: My nephew unfriended me on Facebook???

Originally Posted by justafriend306 View Post
There is such a thing called a supportive criticism which namely is an attempt to get a person to see and acknowledge that their point of view and actions might be hurting them. This was entirely my suggestion. I see something concerning, and in an effort to actually be helpful, have made an attempt to point this out. Being supportive is not necessarily the offering of hugs and agreement. Being supportive is also encouraging someone to look at alternate sides to an issue and pointing out for acknowledgement that one's thinking might be flawed.

I stress that when one posts a thread, they do so at the risk of garnering varying responses including those of disagreement. This is what creating a discussion is about. This is how discourse works. If it is your mindset to not have points of iew counter to your own then perhaps creating a thread in the first place might not be a good idea.

Back to the matter at hand... yes, I do feel strongly that you are obsessed about this. Yes I do believe it has reached unhealthy proportions. I suggest you talk to a professional about this.
Thank you for the lecture (no thank you). I don't need people to agree with me. If you have read the whole thread and each of my replies, you would see that I have been open to other perspectives and angles.

But to tell me to NOT be upset about something I am clearly upset over is NOT being supportive. That's denying me of my own feelings, and my right to my own feelings. By telling me that I am practically stalking, when there is ZERO evidence of it, is really offensive and off-based. And to tell me now that I am obsessing over it is really far off-based, given that I last wrote I am over it.

IF you had read through the whole thread, you will see that I processed this incident and wasn't half as upset the next day as I was in the moment.

This has not reached unhealthy proportions. Again, if you had read my replies, you will see that I calmed down and that it doesn't matter as much. I do NOT need a professional to talk to about this. You are exaggerating all your points.

Your previous reply AND this one tell me you have no empathy, no sympathy and do not know how to properly support someone on here OR how to validate their feelings. Feelings are not wrong to have and should never be criticized. They should be understood.

I don't need any further lectures, thank you. It's toxic posts like yours that make this a toxic place for me and make me need therapy! I am SO done here.
"You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice."

~Bob Marley

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