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Default How to tell parents about mental health?

What to do when you cant start a conversation? And how explain your problems to parents when the answers are the basics:
You are sad? We are all sad sometimes.
You are tired? Well dont stay up that late!
I think Im not only one with this.

(I am at the situation right now where Im not doing great. I have a history of hallucinations and paranoid episodes. Short psychosis. And now Im catatonic. My hands freeze in a weird position and I can't move. My parents and family members deeply think its caused by my neck but I know its not just a cramp. It takes my brains too.
Its frustrating. Im losing my will to want to see a doctor. I have no idea how to talk to them.)
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Default Re: How to tell parents about mental health?

I think its important to consider whether you need to explain things to your parents at all. Or if you need their seal of approval/validation/support in order to get well.
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Default Re: How to tell parents about mental health?

It may make sense to pull yourself and try to figure out the problem . I mean that very often we cheat yourself, do not want to ask for help, but what is all it about? Firstly, from a misunderstanding of the situation.Maybe you do not have frustration, but you think so because of self-hypnosis. Get examined by a doctor to keep calm and if you see that there are really problems, then declare it.
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