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Default family issues


I am a 22-year-old student and currently finishing my masters in psychology.
I am really having these family issues.
My parents got divorced when I was two and I started living with her when I was 10. when she had another baby.
I have always taken care of my brother, don't whatever possible in my limits to help her out but I all I ever get is verbal abuse. She is so manipulative.
I have had them since I remember but it always takes a toll on me. I am sick and tired of my "mother" who is always blaming me for every little thing in her life. she is like a ball of negativity. no one likes her and all she cares about is herself.
i am constantly ridiculed by her. she never appreciates me, dsnt understand my feelings or emotions and even if I cry in front of her she ll say it's for the coward and weak. She *****es about me to my younger brother, says bad things to him about me and he doesn't respect me at all.

I am really worried about my brother and his life because he spends most of his time with her and is becoming very much like her.
But I want to stop worrying about them!
I have to make a career, build my own life, deal with my own problems, but I am not able to because I am always solving their ****!
I don't know what to do :/
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Hello idontcare101: I see this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to Psych Central. Since you're still a student one additional forum, here on PC, that may be of interest would be the school & study issues forum. Here's a link:

And then, since it sounds as though you'll be graduating soon, the work & careers forum may be of interest:

I'm not sure what to tell you with regard to your situation other than to agree with what you wrote at the end of your post. You have to stop worrying about your mother & your brother, make a career for yourself, & build your own life, deal with your own problems. Personally I don't know as there is any secret regarding how to do it. You just have to do it. The first step may be simply getting out on your own if you're currently living with your mother & brother. It's going to be extremely difficult to free yourself from the struggles you're dealing with as long as you continue to live under the same roof.

Here are links to 3 articles, from Psych Central's archives, that talk about narcissistic mothers & their relationships with their children. Perhaps some of the insights in them can be of help in putting your situation into perspective:

Narcissistic Mothers

8 Ways Narcissistic Mothers Emotionally Abuse Their Children

Recovering from Your Narcissistic Mother: Seeing the 6 Effects

I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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