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Originally Posted by DP_2017 View Post
Absolutely I wanna work on it, it's why I was talking to T about it. It's NOT just with him, I've had this issue with women my entire life. (the jealousy)

I can't help that I've met many terrible women in my life who were horrible to me and got me with the mindset I have. Again though, I never said ALL..... my best friend is a woman. My closest online friend is a woman. Most friends I've had all my life are women..... I know I have this issue and it's why I have a male T. I would have gotten 0 work done with a women... BUT I also know it's something to work on and he is well aware of it, I've been open about it since day 1. I also would like to say not all men are fantastic either, obviously. I've just had better experiences with men in my life overall
Apologies I did not pick up on these things about wanting to work on it (and actually in the process of that now). This makes more sense to me given that I think you are definitely open to women and women's perspectives on this forum (I felt some kind of disconnect between what I thought you said and what I had experienced), so I appreciate you taking the time to explain it more fully. I don't think having a male T is a problem for you (or anyone else). I will say it has helped me resolve some of my biases against men by having a male T, but I also worked with a woman many years ago until I thought I was done. Did good work with her.

I do have my own version of direct experiences with men as fueling my biases, so I do understand the basis of gender problems and would not blame you or anyone else for the experiences they have had that led them there. I think my main motivation in my post was to just encourage you to move forward in the way you already are.
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