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Default First sexual dream

I had a dream the other night about my T.

I dreamt I showed up for my appt and his office had been transformed into a bedroom. He invited me in and told me to take off all my clothes and hop into bed.

That was it. Then I woke up.

Iím slightly confused by this. I donít have romantic thoughts about him. I donít want to date him or sleep with him. Iím attached to him, but not romantically.

Iím actually a little bit scared by this dream. Iím scared it may indicate that I will develop feelings for him in the future and thatís just not an option.
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Default Re: First sexual dream

All of these feelings/thoughts can be weird and confusing but they are normal. In the 20 months I saw my T, I had one sexual dream about him BUT it was after a pretty sexually charged session so it didn't stand out to me... BUT since he has left my life, there has probably been about 15 so far... in like 6 weeks.

I only ever saw him as a friend and I truly think that's all I do want because I've never wanted a relationship but no idea whats going on with me, especially with him out of my life.

Everyone will tell you to talk to them about it but I would advise caution there. Most T's expect this but not all are comfortable with it, countless posts on here about people saying similar things and it backfires.

I'd say, if you can, hold off, see if another happens, maybe it wont? Then it's something you can just by pass. You also could get different feelings in the future but it might not be him directly, maybe he represents something or someone else you want in your life?

Happens to most all of us at some point
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Default Re: First sexual dream

Maybe it was from you reading threads here. I wouldn't read much into it.
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Default Re: First sexual dream

I donít think this means youíll develop romantic feelings for your T. Usually sex dreams are less about the sex and more about a dynamic with the other person involved. Perhaps him asking you to take off your clothes simply symbolizes being vulnerable in therapy.
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