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Default Re: Schizoaffective Check In Thread #1

I am doing fine today. Just wanting to drink copious amounts of coffee and not thinking I should. But that's fine. That's my life every day, pretty much. I stay up too late, get up too late, but I am doing fine. I am not productive enough, need more than 24 hours in a day because I have too much stuff to do, almost have a job now, but not quite, because they haven't quite hired me yet. But that is okay. I will see if I get the job. I never really thought life would be this way, where I am administrating my life basically all from home, but that's fine, too.
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Default Re: Schizoaffective Check In Thread #1

I feel great. Today I have a new student. I hope I do well. I am feeling fine. I had to get another contact lens prescription for my left eye. I could not see clearly. Now, I see great. Someone said it looks like I lost weight too. That was a nice compliment! I am doing well. I have to teach only for a few hours a day but in the early morning or late at night. I like my schedule because I can go places during the day. I have online classes but will have to go to the centers once they decide to do so. I don't mind. I'm getting bored anyways. My French pal may come over too from Paris to visit. This would be nice. I thought about taking a vacation when he comes. I have to think about it. It is not as if I make a lot of money. But it is better than nothing. If I don't work, then I won't earn any money. I may just work while he is here. I don't know. We shall see!!
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