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Trig Does anyone experience voices like this?

Oct 31st, 2019 3:00pm

I was sitting in my bathroom and I started to hear 3 teenage boys outside my bathroom window. I also see thier shapes and shadows moving in the window
One of the boys claims he has been inside my house many times. They climb up onto my roof and come in through a window on my second story

Boy 1 gets inside and takes my lingerie and makes a joke about how he will give it to his girlfriend. They throw things from the roof down to another boy in my yard

My bathroom window has frosted glass so it is hard to make out exactly what is going on but I saw one of them draw a line with his finger on the window and another wrote HI.
I can see the marks still to the next day

They talk about how it is getting cold outside and they are hungry and they cant really find what they are looking for
They keep mentioning how they will come back at midnight

One boy talks about how he thinks the best way to do this is too kill me and my boyfriend and made a joke about
Possible trigger:

Only one of them thinks thats crazy and is against hurting us

It is now about 5:30 and I am getting really frustrated so I slapped the window and it startled them

One boy writes slut on the window and the others tell him how stupid it is now his finger prints are on my window. They try several times wipe off the marks but they know I am in the bathroom and they are having a hard time trying to do it

Now I hear a female voice with the boys. She calls them ******* for not going forward with thier plan. They make a joke about deficating on my roof.
A boy says do you know that Sagan can hear us all the time she will repeat every word I say outloud sometimes

Girl says "let me kick her *****" and one boy says no way Sagan is tough and she would whoop your *****
She sounds pissed and says well I am tough too

I keep hearing them stomping round on the roof and they very carefully try to open windows with out making too much noise

I start to see a translucent ray almost I open my hand and it stays there I feel a warmth from it. I am not sure if this is good or bad?

I try too take a bath too relax and I saw her for the first time. She was completely naked and pressed her body against the window
I stand in front of the window and get walk closer we are staring at each other for a few minutes. When i get closer I notice her face is almost demon like
but it is halloween so im not sure if its makeup
I decided to just walk away and that seemed to upset her
She says well its time to party and they keep talking about hurting me and boyfriend. One of the boys still says thats a really bad idea

I go into the living room and try to just ignore everything

At midnight exactly I hear police sirens,they go to my neighbor across the street and shine lights about 20 feet up in the trees
they do this for a few minutes like they are looking for somebody. Someone had climbed way up in his tree and thrw toilet paper all over the top of the tree
My boyfriend was the first to notice this so I know this part is real and the next day I see the toilet paper still up there
They didnt find anybody and they leaeve. Maybe an hour later I hear my neighbor yell whos out there!? And he walked around with a flashlight

I fall asleep and thats the end of this episode.

This happens any time of day and can last from an hour up to 8 hours long
I always hear a few people talking but they never speak with me.

I have to walk around my house every night so asure myself al the windows and doors are locked and nobody is in my house or I wont be able to sleep
Sometimes they talk about things I have never experienced or about people I have never met things that are completely irrelavent to me

This began when I was 15 years old.

I have seen a few people about this and was diagnosed Bipolar with auditory hallucinations. Usually I just see shadows but the visual is more recently started

A part of me knows its not real but the chance that it could really be somebody scares me and I find it very hard to sleep at night my heart races
I cannot stop listening when it starts its really hard to ignore....

I am very lost hear on who to see about this. Can anybody recommend anything for me? Thank you for your time guys

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Default Re: Does anyone experience voices like this?

That sounds so scary. I would call your doctor tomorrow if you know it's a hallucination. Is there anyway you can stay with someone so you're not alone?
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Default Re: Does anyone experience voices like this?

I am so sorry you are dealing with all this. It can be very scary. I have hallucinations, hear voices, have visions--the whole thing. Had it bad yesterday because I could hear them talking and laughing outside my door. I saw their shadows, too.

I will tell my pdoc this morning and you need to do the same thing. Hang in there. Help is on the way. It will get better. Sending you positive vibes and safety.
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Default Re: Does anyone experience voices like this?

That sounds so upsetting, frightening, and energy-draining. Will you speak with your psychiatrist? It sounds like medication should be helping...perhaps something needs to be adjusted?

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