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Default I think I might have this disorder. Do I?

I don't really like to be around others and prefer to be by myself. I don't like to have sex. I read the criteria for this order and I think I might have it. But, I was told people with disorder are sociopaths. I don't understand because I am not a sociopath. Do you have to be a sociopath to have this disorder?
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Default Re: I think I might have this disorder. Do I?

Sociopathy, as well as psychopathy, aren't recognised as disorders. Instead, they fit in Antisocial Personality Disorder. There are similar symptoms amongst ASPD and SPD, but most of the key symptoms for ASPD aren't shared with SPD. For example, sensation-seeking (searching for risks to stimulate their proneness to boredom), promiscuity (there may be exceptions, though, but because of the sensation-seeking symptom it's rare), frequency of telling lies (people with ASPD tell lies very often), lack of concern for others' rights and safety (including one's own safety) and a total lack of empathy, or small empathy (I guess there may be schizoids with no empathy or low empathy, but it's not characteristic of schizoids, in general).

There could be a case of a sociopath/someone diagnosed with ASPD who was also diagnosed, or may be also, schizoid. It happened to me the same as you - but on the contrary. I don't think I'm a schizoid, I think I may be a sociopath, and by reading about personality disorders I even felt like I could be a schizoid rather than a sociopath. Especially because I've never been much interested in sex and I shared many other symptoms related with ASPD/sociopathy. In this case, no, you don't need to suffer from any disorder (necessarily) to have a specific disorder.
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Default Re: I think I might have this disorder. Do I?

There is a section on the home page of this site under quizzes. I took the personality disorder quiz because I was curious if I had a personality disorder. I have depression and anxiety but wanted to check to make sure that I was covering all my bases. I scored pretty high on the SPD spectrum in the results section after taking the test.

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I think I might have this disorder. Do I?

I think I might have this disorder. Do I?
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