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Default Intrusive thoughts vis hearing voices

I cannot really find an answer anywhere and would like to know what you think this is.

I can be going about my day and I will just hear a voice (sometimes in my head or sometimes external) call my name or say something completely random. The “voices” can be someone I know (mostly) or a voice I don’t recognise (which is rare).
Sometimes I can hear them shout my name, sometimes whisper it, sometimes say it normal volume. It is always localised, either in my head (like at the back or on the left, etc) or in my left ear or right behind me or to my right, etc.

I will also hear them say completely random words, like “pig”, “asshole”, “yellow”, “walk”, “hair”, etc, or random sentences which is rarer.
It doesn’t cause me any problems but have had it most of my life and it makes me wonder the cause. It mainly happens when I am meditating when my mind is more relaxed but can happen when trying to focus on something and I have to ignore them but not as often as when my mind is quiet, it can even happen when I’m public but not as often as when I’m by myself.

Just to add - I also suffer with delusions and paranoia which no longer interfere with my life (they did in high school but I’ve since gotten some minor control over them and can recognise them before they become a problem) but have never been diagnosed with any mental health disorder.

But the original question is really whether it’s possible I am hearing voices or whether they are simply intrusive thoughts or both.

Thanks. ✌️
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Default Re: Intrusive thoughts vis hearing voices

Note, intrusive thoughts don’t sound external...those are voices.
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