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Default Re: Roll Call 166!

Originally Posted by Sometimes psychotic View Post
Pillowcases are cheap buy 7 and use a fresh one each day....that’s what I had to do when I had more acne.....
Thanks SP, I'll try it. I'll try anything at this point. My chin has been broken out for like 2 or 3 months and it's not getting better. I see PCP in a couple of weeks so I'll ask her if there is anything else she can prescribe also.
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Default Re: Roll Call 166!

Bb, happy birthday!!! I hape you can treat yourself with something sweet =)
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Default Re: Roll Call 166!

Originally Posted by SlumberKitty View Post
One half of my chin keeps breaking out. I'm using the cream that my PCP doctor prescribed but it is not working well. No where else is breaking out, just half of my chin. I'm not sure if it is the face masks or if it is because I sleep on that side of my face, or what. But it is seriously annoying me. I got a new cleansing facewash that I am trying and hopefully that will help. And I'm washing my sheets and pillowcases more (okay well my Mom is actually washing them more) so I don't know what else to do. But it is bothering me. Ugh.
People say "Wash face with soap" so I started doing that every day and my acne got even worse so I stopped and then it got way better.

I use Clindamycin prescription cream and use it every morning. It works really well - Perfect basically.. Without it, I have very severe acne.
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