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Default Re: Do you believe that your mind can shape reality?

Originally Posted by Emily Fox Seaton View Post
I have read a few already. In fact this is what got me thinking about it working. Perviously I read a book on neuroplacticity of the brain and that thesis was that the scientific reason why your brain changes when you think certain things -- cognitive behavior -- is that there is some physical action that physically changes it not from the inside (actually they proved this with PET scans). So those scientists have now come to believe that there is something emanating from us and that there is a "mind" and a "brain". The mind is something they don't really have any science for. Only circumstantial evidence. But it can control external things, including health. Buddism and mindfulness are based on this idea as well. Your brain is not you... there is a mind that is you and has its own control.

Later in some news articles touching on quantitive science I saw some scientists now believe that the universe was created by this idea of beings (life) shaping the reality around it. Rather than say a great creator.

But I get you, a lot of the way this book interprets it seems like it is what positive people want to hear. TO me there is a whole subset of people who have grown up with mooshy values and they think "love" will solve everything -- so if they hear all you have to do to be happy is love and smile all the time, that is what they wanted to do anyway.

Many people do "think" health conditions away. The books are littered with people being highly motivated to beat cancer and, beating it. Or being in bad car accidents and recovering more than any doctor thought was possible. I also look at the phenomena of couples not dying until one of them does. My mother than stomach cancer and though we didn't know ... I saw signs of it in 2007. But she didn't get stick enough to die (and it went quick) until my dad died in 2010. If your mind, if your will, is not leaving this earth.... did it keep the cancer at bay?

Personally I believe there is something to it but it is much less direct. It is like pushing. There was one episode of the x-files with a baddy who was a pusher. He could push you to do things against your will with his mind. Personally I think it is like 1/10 like that. If you are always thinking something I think it could effect the small reality around you inadvertently.

I downloaded the book for free on audible so it isn't costing me money.
Yeah for sure, just to clarify I have no problem that you read the book, obviously, haha.

But I just feel like sometimes those books are kind of wishy-washy about their theoretical basis.

Honestly, sometimes, they're good to get you thinking about stuff though!
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