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Post Goals for the New Year

(Feel free to move this if itís in the wrong place)

I know weíre already a few days into 2019, but Iím now looking at ways I can better look after myself over the coming 12 months (and for the future). Physically, I think I look after myself alright Ė I exercise (debatably, sometimes too much), I try to monitor my diet and eat healthily, and I also try to get enough sleep (although this is something I feel I could improve on). While this isnít perfect I think itís alright, but where I definitely feel I could take better care of myself is in the mental aspect of my life.

I know there are no set pieces of advice and that everyone is different, but are there any rules/tips etc. that any of you have found useful to incorporate into your lives? Realistically, I know I should give specifics about what Iím looking for, but I donít know where to begin with that, so Iím curious to hear if anyone has any ideas right off the bat. If anyone can give me pointers about how I can look for specific advice please let me know. Iíll do my best to answer any questions anyone asks.

Wishing you all good mental health for 2019!
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Default Re: Goals for the New Year

Happy 2019! Maybe a mood/feelings journal?
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Default Re: Goals for the New Year

Happy 2019
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Default Re: Goals for the New Year

We're into April now, how are you doing with your goals? Hope you're doing OK. If I was to give general advice and tips I'd say start small. If you have a great big giant goal, break it down into smaller manageable goal. Add a realistic time line to each and you'll have the approximate time needed to accomplish your goal.

By doing this you'll know right from the outset how long you need to achieve you're goal which will help when you about ready to give up, there will e times when you want to give up, have no doubt about that. The main thi g here is to come up with as many ways as possible to cope when it happens
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