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Default My goals are back in place

Now my family is taking of moving to Florida which I can't do for two years because of visitation with my daughter. I want to see her performances and need to be here to do that. So I'll move to subsidized for now. If my family does move and is still there in 2 years I'll relocate. I've always wanted to move south.

Cost of living is cheaper. I pay back my family, I can afford to buy a place, if I have a part time job. I may instead aim for Tucson though. My horoscope has better things to say about Tucson. I don't really know yet. But I'm staying in Minnesota for two more years at least. If I buy a place here that will only help me buy a place elsewhere, but push out the time line.

My goals are kind of up in the air. But buying a place is still on the agenda. Just where is the question.
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Default Re: My goals are back in place

The weather will also be warmer. Its good to have goals in place. One step at a time. Best of luck to you. Im sure it will work out.
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Default Re: My goals are back in place

It's the time of year those of us in northern states start thinking about moving to Florida
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