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Default Do what works for YOU.

Not everything works for everyone. Sometimes the opposite advice works better for someone (ie: don't have caffeine or sugar before bed may not apply to all). There's a lot of advice about adult coloring and its mental health benefits. Coloring makes me ruminate on things that make me angry and sad. Coloring makes my symptoms worse. I used to be a visual artist (painting and drawing). I decided to stop unless it made me feel good. People were "sad" about it. I guess I had fans!! But it was better for me to heal and recover, than to please people being pills over what I did with my life. Now I knit and its a much better fit. I also like birding, learning about science and social issues, jogging, and meditation. Being around others helps too (though it depends who!)

The moral of my story is to do what works for YOU. And you don't have to explain yourself to others when your needs may be "unusual."

Have a great day.

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Default Re: Do what works for YOU.


Well said!!! I could not agree more! One size does not fit all!!! Celebrating our own uniqueness is FUN AND HEALING!

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin


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Default Re: Do what works for YOU.

Very well said Ptak hugs
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Default Re: Do what works for YOU.

OMG, I so hear you. People keep suggesting all these things for the chronic fatigue symptoms and brain fog that I'm having. And I'm like, omg, can someone just acknowledge my state instead of telling me all the stuff I have already tried or do or stuff I'm not interested in? Like telling me I need more exercise. Or change my diet. Or other crap that I either have already tried or done. I appreciate suggestions when I ask for them (key there: when I ask) but I get tired of people ramming things down my throat, things that are completely anecdotal and based on like no medical knowledge or even just biological knowledge.

Anyways, I feel ya on coloring too. I'm an artist and coloring is not soothing for me. I enjoy painting greatly, but it's not a soothing activity for me.

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Default Re: Do what works for YOU.

I agree, Bird (I mean Ptak). I guess as long as your actions or inaction are not hurting others.

I'll confess that I do a couple things my psychiatrist doesn't want me to do, though not in extreme excess. I compare the positives and negatives of doing vs. not doing. Sometimes I find myself doing the thing more excessively over time, and suffering some consequences. That makes me adjust my lifestyle again. For example, I like beer. I've always liked beer. I'm sure I always will like beer. I still drink some beer. [And no, I'm definitely not Judge Cavanaugh or Skwee.] However, I drink a heck of a lot less beer than I used to. I leave the majority to my Czech husband. "Na zdravi!"

I don't benefit from things like adult coloring, either. That doesn't mean I have anything against people that like it. I've never liked coloring in my life. I'm not going to start to liking it now. Actually, I tried it later down the road, and said "No, I highly doubt that will ever be for me. And that's OK."
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Default Re: Do what works for YOU.

I really like to watch different movies on the theme of mysticism. I turn on the TV late at night when I'm going to bed. And then I realize I can't turn off the TV. I understand that the film is rather bad and I do not need to watch it, but I really want to know how it can end. And I understand that I probably do not have enough bright new feelings. And such films somehow fill this gap.
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Default Re: Do what works for YOU.

I agreed with @Ptak's every single word. All the people advice me to meditate when I'm in my depressive episodes. But it's just not for me! It only makes the things worse. And since I realized it, my depression got a better for a bit.
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