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Default nourishing Vs depleting activities

So this was the discussion topic at my support group last night. The idea is that you try to weigh the scale more heavily towards the nourishing activities than the depleting - or at least try to balance the scale evenly.

I am winning this battle for the time being but I am wondering how others are fairing. Are you able to grab hold of nourishing activities? Do you find yourself in the rut (as I am all winter) of depleting activities?

When it comes to those that deplete my health, the computer is my foe. My relationship with food is definitely depleting too. On my list of nourishing?I am trying to spend as much time as I can outdoors these days. It is having a very good effect on my mental health. It also is taking me away from the computer. Bonus.

What do you do to nourish your mental health?
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Default Re: nourishing Vs depleting activities

My whole life & everything that surrounds it is nourishing since I left my bad marriage 12 years ago, bought my small farm & moved 2100 miles away to start life all over at the age of 54.

I put priorities on things that need to be in my life & it changes continually. Last year I spent 5 months caring for my soulmate doggie that was diagnosed with lung cancer last summer. That experience was both but I knew that was all I could focus on at the time while doing nourishing activities & surrounding myself with nourishing people.

Understanding my emotions & my own limitations has been important to help me know just how much depleting activities I can allow into my life. Some people don't understand my limits & why I don't deal with activities that do deplete...but it really doesn't matter.

My horse trainer shipped my horse to me...something I have been trying to afford for 12 years. After losing my soulmate doggie.....rebonding with my horse has been the most nourishing activity presently.

My whole farm is all about nature. I have a raccoon family that comes daily for feeding. Watching & interfacing with them is wonderful. Being out in nature on my farm usually means HARD WORK but in the farm looks nicer & that is also nourishing to look & enjoy.

I am at a point now where I have to work very depleting activities back into my life...dealing with legal issues that have been needing resolved for way too long & wrapping up my need to ever contact my ex-H again. I just wasn't in a mental or financial state to deal with it & it is important to understand ourselves well enough not to be pushed into dealing with depleting activities when we know it will cause harm.

I am blessed to be surrounded by nourishment just looking out my windows & loving on my dogs & horse.

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