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Default Self-Help

At times like now when I'm in between therapists (primarily due to moving out of state), I utilize a lot of self-help tools. And even when I'm in treatment, I utilize self-help tools to deal with any ruptures that may arise in treatment, or any lingering effects of treatment (such as remembering, mourning, and grief over losses and trauma).

Some of the self-help tools that have helped me are:

1. Cleaning, organizing, and sometimes rearranging my apartment.
2. Watching movies with a good ending.
3. Listening to music while doing something physical, such as exercise, stretching, dishes, laundry, or other house chores.
4. Aromatherapy - burning candles or incense.
5. Reading an interesting book.
6. Reading peer-reviewed research articles and posts on PsychCentral.
7. Connecting with others online, such as here.
8. Writing lists of my goals, dreams, and things to do.
9. Actually completing one task on my list and revisiting my list to celebrate my accomplishments.
10. Trying out a new restaurant, a new movie, a new coffee shop, a new park to walk in, a new street to walk down, a new activity I could learn (I once learned how to do altered board books - an art project that you can easily look up online).
11. Resting, taking naps, and giving myself a mani-pedi (I no longer can bend down that far, so now I budget in a beauty run to the salon once a month), taking a shower and feeling refreshed.
12. Reading memoirs.
13. Reading short stories (I love E.A.Poe)
14. Doing arts and crafts, or when I can afford it, purchasing one artifact that is meaningful to me and reminding myself of something good whenever I see it in my home.
15. Drinking water and going for a walk.
16. Journaling (though that can also get lonely and bring up a lot of emotion - an iatrogenic effect that is less discussed but still somewhat of a common phenomenon among certain populations, myself included); instead, I would rather express through art or find music that mirrors my feelings or thoughts or wait until I can just share my thoughts and experiences with a therapist.
17. When I used to drive, I would just drive myself somewhere, just to get out of the house. Today, I'll walk or take public transportation or take an Uber somewhere new.
18. Watching television shows.
19. Cuddling up with a pillow and a soft blanket when watching movies or television shows.
20. Having a good cry when I need to.
21. Getting myself back on a healthy routine (sleeping before midnight, waking and grooming before noon, doing some physical activity - even if it is just a walk down the street, eating three squares or smaller healthy meals per day, reflecting on the good things I've done at the end of the day, setting goals for tomorrow)
22. Saying affirmations to myself (maybe even making a list)
23. Finding ways to spend limited time online and instead socialize in real life, such as through meet-in or meet-up groups, or even finding a support group in my area (I'm afraid of meet-in and meet-up groups due to my PTSD and social anxiety, among other diagnoses/disorders, so I do what I can to socialize)
24. Apply for and enroll in a class (in my case, I'm applying for grad school, which I'm sure will take up a lot of my time, fill me with daily goals, and help me to socialize on a more professional level)
25. Make appointments with the doctors and/or dentists, even though I've been dreading it - that is self care!
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Default Re: Self-Help

These are awesome, Lillib! Thank you for posting them!
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Default Re: Self-Help

Wonderful list there. I do most of them, too.
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Smile Re: Self-Help

Thank you @LucyD and @guilloche

PS: "Anonymous..." was me (lillib) before I left and then came back as Lilly2; I was the original one who posted this. I wanted to make sure that I thanked you all and introduced myself.

I'm glad that the list works, helps, or parallels what you've been doing. I'm trying to stick to the list the best I could. Not always easy, but doable.
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