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Default Time Management and Work-Life Balance as Forms of Self-Help

In today's world, time management is everything! It's easy to get sidetracked from answering emails, engaging in online support platforms, engaging in social networks, cleaning out emails, reading mail, and ruminating over work or life stressors. It's also challenging to maintain a work-life balance when work seems to be valued and rewarded more than life tasks.

Fortunately, PsychCentral provides many articles that offer tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, as well as building time management skills (I've provided some links below).

Additionally, I believe that time management is a form of self-help that includes work-life balance and reduces stress. Managing work and play is a form of time management because you're managing your time at work with the management of time for non-work activities such as home chores, family time, friend time, daily rest and relaxation breaks, etc. This is all part of self-help because only you know what your work-related and life-related needs are. Even people with caregivers and secretaries need to know what directives to offer them in terms of time management and work-life balance.

Also, it is important to note that the term "work" can apply to those who work from home or those who are in college. It can also apply to those youth who have to balance high school work and household chores with downtime, playtime, rest, and relaxation. In essence, we can all learn from the following tips that help us to self-care and self-help.

Time-management articles found on PsychCentral:

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Articles on work-life balance found on PsychCentral:

Alternative (counter-) arguments regarding work-life balance found on PsychCentral:

Etiology of work-life balance articles found on PsychCentral:

Additional articles on work-life balance found on PsychCentral:
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