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Default How I recently overcame my struggle with ever ending my own life

Hello. First I want to say I hope this is the right section. Also, one of my problems I have is describing my feelings, thoughts etc. very well, so, bare with me as I do my best to explain what recently helped me decide that ending my own life is never going to be an option - in the hopes that maybe my reason might possibly help anybody else who struggles with this.

So, like I just got done (trying) to describe in another thread, my personal reason for why I've decided ending my life is simply never going to be an option, basically relates to how much of a gift, life, simply just in itself is. I really love anything to do with astronomy and cosmology, so for me, thinking about how rare life is in such a unimaginably vast universe, tells me, and helps me realize and think about how much of a gift it is, and how... fortunate I would be (for lack of a better term) to say the absolute least, to be given such an incredible and rare gift.

So that being the case, I've decided that no matter how painful and horrible things may ever be, for me personally, just simply being alive, and having such a rare and incredible gift, (along with other things like consciousness, sentience and the likes too ) is the perfect reason to never intentionally throw it away.

Also if it possibly helps anybody, taking this into consideration - that ending my life is never going to be an option - also helped me realize that if my life is going to continue, doing everything/anything I can to improve myself (specifically my health by exercising and eating healthy) is the best thing to do and not caring about or trying to improve myself, is undoubtedly, most certainly not going to bring me any amount of happiness, and will only make my time I'm given worse.

I hope I explained things fairly well and I especially hope this helps anybody who reads it
How I recently overcame my struggle with ever ending my own life
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Default Re: How I recently overcame my struggle with ever ending my own life

what a positive post.

I am so glad that you overcame this and I think the way you think about it (life is a gift etc) is a very good way of looking at it.

let me ask you a question: how long did you want to take your life for, and how long did it take you to come to this realisation?

I struggle with feelings of wanting to take my life too (not every day, but a lot of the time) and I have struggled with these feelings for a long time now

but I do not think I am at that place where you are (either because my life is a lot worse, or I simply just don't see the point)

i guess what I'm really asking is what helped you reach this conclusion
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Default Re: How I recently overcame my struggle with ever ending my own life

Both of your posts, and the post that I just wrote about going into the Unknown and not letting fear stop you, all three posts have helped me!

Thank you!!!

I have struggled single I was 17, and I'm 31. It's been almost half my life, with suicidal thoughts and getting hospitalized and scaring myself that I want to end my life! And this week I find out that it's the unknown nd fear that rule my life.

This all gives me power to overcome and keep pressing on. Like it does for you, @Photonate !! Life comes down to wanting to live or wanting to die, which will I chose? To live!
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