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Default Defining the unknown

In a previous post, I discussed the song, Into the Unknown. I wanted to share a bit more, and get some feedback.

I am in a graduate program for Mental Health Counseling. In my program, I came across some challenges. The professors saw that I needed additional help. They put me on a Student Development Plan. I have been able to start working on the plan's assignments and have come into the unknown.

I am about halfway through the first draft. I am learning a lot about myself but I need another outlet to get feedback before I turn it in. And here seems like a good place to start. And what I have to write may help another, which gives me a good feeling.

I have identified some goals that I would like to share. The assignment is on the Wheel of Wellness. There are five life tasks and I have gone through the first one and 2/3 of the way through the second. Here's what I have noticed

Life Task 1: Spirituality
This is the center of who I am, or at least it needs to be according to those who wrote the wheel of wellness. I have not paid attention to this task and have turned away from what I thought I was. I have set the goal of using a feature from FitBit called Relax. It's two minutes of focused breathing. Other goals include Journal writing a few days a week, study what spirituality is, and incorporating a higher power into my life.

Life Task 2: Self-Direction
There are 12 items that I was asked to write about and create some goals. I will continue to use my bullet journal to plan and set weekly monthly and yearly goals. I will start to use Extraordinary Effort to start participating in life. I will study emotions and start to label those emotions in myself. (I have to start to model how I want my future people I help to see me) I recognized that I have been raised in an emotionless home and that has affected who I am. (I guess that is a thing to have an emotionless home) I need to become more outgoing and less invisible. I learned very early on that being invisible led to feeling less hurt. But in all reality, I did let the bullies win. I need to be a problem solver and use creativity, only I may have to study how this can be done. I need to learn to laugh at my mistakes. My nutrition and exercise are less than ideal. I am overweight and this needs to change. I need to do more research on how to create a healthy lifestyle. (also to help current clients)

But what comes first?
When will I choose to fly?
I need to start with today and set goals and make a plan on how I will complete each of the above. I still have 4 items to write about but I have time. This assignment is due on January 8, 2020.

I still need to figure out what to write for the first attempt but I am starting today to see changes. I sure hope... Somehow I don't believe I will complete all these goals.

Thanks for reading. and I am hoping for feedback.
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