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Default Re: A few Measly Steps a Day

I hope your phone call went well. Reminders to yourself make a lot of sense.

R - You've accomplished so much since I first met you (virtually) If you were meant to write, you will find a way. And sometimes you have to take a break - sometimes a long break - Believe me I know. And if it's not meant to be, well, that's fine too. If you were meant to write, you'll go back to it, and you'll feel inspired again, and you'll find a way to do it.

According to the news, our smoke made it's way to Seattle, hovered there for a day or two, and is now heading east across the Sacramento Valley and onward to Nevada and so forth.

I set some goals for myself earlier this month Here's where they stand:

Four tweets - 2 completed
Four letters to senators - 2 completed
Four Facebook posts
Nanowrimo 50,000 words - 15000 words completed

set up blog
four blog posts

publish Through Unfamiliar Waters The writing is finished, and I'm waiting for my designer to finish my cover art. I'm reading through it one more time, and found five mistakes in 200 pages. (For me that's really good.)

re-publish Temporary Address (this last goal probably won't happen in September) I'm working on it. It's still not very good. This is where "taking a break" comes in. I have to work on it, be frustrated, and then it feel like something is perking in the back of my brain, and then - aha! the flash of insight. At least I hope there will be flashes of insight. it's weird - I reach into my creative brain looking for that idea and it's just not there. I do know that if I don't keep writing, it will never be there.

As a friend of mine would say (R) "to the page."
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Default interview & today

D, chugging along is better than stalled. I think your strategy of stepping away is spot on, though I suspect part of you feels like it's a defeat.

The interview(s) went well. One on Wed. for getting on a roster of consultants and one on Thursday to assist a branch of the univ. library on diversity, inclusion, and equity issues. I have a proposal to get to over the weekend. A good thing.

Yesterday, a meet up of a user group I'm part of met for the first time after the original organizer stepped down. First one planned and done w/o him. Except for the event organizer having a last minute family emergency, all went well. Even down to logging on and getting a bit of the back-stage chatter of the step-in facilitators.

Today, the heaviest load is reading a couple of emails about a property transfer. I had dinner guests so only got a glimpse last night. The tone felt off, so I'm bracing for a tough day.

Fortitude, to the day. R

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