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Question Developing empathy and buddhism, but just too lazy?

I've been looking at multiple guides on how to practice empathy, and a form of Buddhism has really interested me, yet I am too lazy to try it out? Can anyone help me quit being lazy and begin to start getting better?
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Smile Re: Developing empathy and buddhism, but just too lazy?

I don't think there are any suggestions I can offer based on personal experience. My own opinion is that it's really difficult to sustain something such as a mindfulness or a Buddhist practice alone especially if depression & anxiety are in the mix. That's why there are companies & organizations such as Weight Watchers. It's also why there are groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous because, try as we might, most of us just can't successfully "go it alone", so to speak. We need others around us who are striving to achieve the same goals, whatever they might be & who can support us in our efforts. (Of course the current pandemic situation makes this sort of thing especially difficult.)

You mentioned "a form of Buddhism". And I don't know what you meant by that. Buddhism, like Christianity, encompasses many different traditions such as the Tibetan traditions, Ch'an in China, Zen in Japan, and undoubtedly others that I don't know about or that wouldn't occur to me "off the top of my head", so to speak. One thing that I think pretty-much every Buddhist master would agree on would be that it is important to find a tradition one feels at home with & stick with it. One mistake western people frequently make, I believe, is that they try a little of one tradition & then something from another, etc. This is not the way progress toward the Buddhist goal of "enlightenment" (whatever that is.) So, while finding a qualified teacher may not be practical for many of us, I think what we can do is to find a Buddhist writer one feels comfortable with & focus on the instruction in that author's writings. In my own case, I have been an (admittedly poor) follower of the writings of the American Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön for many years. But there is also Thich Nhat Hanh who is wonderful, & many others I'm sure.

So with those thoughts in mind, here are links to 3 articles, from Psych Central's archives, that offer suggestions for developing motivation:

10 Ways To Find New Motivation

10 Ways To Find New Motivation and Rise Above Roadblocks

The Motivated Mind: Where Our Passion & Creativity Comes From

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Default Re: Developing empathy and buddhism, but just too lazy?

Why don't you allow yourself to be lazy? For a while. It's not so bad.
And then do your best in acheaving your goals
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