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Default Re: Thinking of college

Have you thought about the cost of it? Have you thought of how you'll deal with the stress? I am just saying these things because graduate school ordinarily causes them.

I am in a master's program. I pay for it out of my own pocket, but the stress sometimes gets to me. So, I am just saying that you should not take the decision lightly to pursue such a degree. It's a big decision.

Best of luck.
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Default Re: Thinking of college

Science is not wrong when it comes to bipolar. There are physiological changes to the brain that take place. Science is important because the treatments for bipolar are often medications that need science to study them and how they will work on the brain. Iím all for stories of success but I donít believe you can think yourself positive out of bipolar.
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Default Re: Thinking of college

The guy in the article has schizophrenia, I think. There is no cure for it. There are ways to cope and ways to improve but there is no scientifically known cure. Stating otherwise could potentially create a dangerous situation for gullible people whoíll stop treatment because apparently it could just go away. It doesnít work that way, positive thinking helps a lot, of course, but itís not a cure. It doesnít mean one canít have a nice and productive life despite having an illness
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Default Re: Thinking of college

Let's put this one to rest. If you haven't read Daniel Fisher's Book then you don't know enough to say something. He isn't the only one to go into Recovery. Yes, it is not a cure, but it involves Transformation into the REAL you. Wouldn't that be nice to learn from all the S*** people have to go through? Isn't that enough??!! In my mind and in many others Trauma is the root cause of "mental illness". and "mental illness" is a label.

Let's get back to the point of this thread. College is possible, and several people prove that recovery is possible. There is also Remission and rehabilitation and all three are different. Remission means that symptoms can return. Yes, there is that risk with anything. Rehabilitation is that people regain function. Whereas Recovery is the Label of Mental illness that is no longer needed. Which would you like?

Each of us has a different perspective. Mine comes from not giving up, and taking disability. I am not going to let a diagnosis define who I am, I will become better because of what I have gone through. Our Journey is ours alone. When we step up and take control of our lives, change happens.

What do you want?

@Aviza I ask you one question. What do YOU want? if you don't know, great!, If you do know, great! What you think matters, and don't let your trauma or diagnosis define who you are. Go for your dreams. You can do this!! Just like any other person.

Don't get caught into the "I can't" thinking. It's not worth the time!

To both @sarahsweets and @Devine1966 please read the book, and then study it out for yourselves before making a judgment. I've done the research, and I admit I don't know everything. I know you both spoke up for what you know. I respect your opinions, and I am very passionate about recovering a life that I love. I know that is not the case for every person. I don't know either one of you but, if you want to have further conversations about this please PM me, and I"ll share my opinion with you. Lets put the focus back on @Aviza and give our support for doing what is best for Aviza, based on Aviza's thinking.
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