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Default Over a Year Clean

Over a year clean and the cravings are still overwhelming. I can cope for now but not forever it feels. Will ever go away? any tips please?
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Default Re: Over a Year Clean

Wow, Enyapla, congrats on over a year clean. That's amazing. Just keep taking it one day at a time. HUGS Kit
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Default Re: Over a Year Clean

That's awesome! I dont know if the cravings will ever go away but eventually if you keep working on it you will build the skills to handle them with ease.
Sending lots of love
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Default Re: Over a Year Clean

I'm going through he same thing. I was going to make a thread and then I found this one.
I haven't self-harmed in almost 2 years. I used to think that managing the urges would get easier in time (in some ways it has I guess, or I wouldn't have made it this far...) But there are still days when I feel like I'm gonna end up relapsing...
I had been using s-h a as coping mechanism for many years before I was able to stop. It was like an addiction.
There are certain situations and feelings that automatically trigger me into wanting hurt myself, because that's what I'd automatically do every time I felt that way in the past. Maybe we just need more time, I don't know... But I think that the fact that you're continuously choosing to fight the urges and take care of yourself is amazing it's very hard to stop.
Feel free to message me if you ever want to talk. *sending hugs*
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Default Re: Over a Year Clean

I realized this week that it has been 12 years for me. YES it does get better. For me, it has never gone fully away. In those 12 years though I've never acted on it, and the cravings get fewer and further between. It is always in the back of my head as an option though...

Congratulations on your year!!!!!
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