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Default Re: Gray Hair

I'm a male 70. I use Crew for grey hair so it helps just a little. I certainly don't want to try and look young. You should not just let your hair go grey. That's like giving up on yourself. There are things seniors can do to stay attractive. I work part time at a big store and see all kinds. Those who don't care how they look or make no effort at their appearance, some of these just have no sense of style. eg fat old men in tank tops and jean shorts. Women who look great from a distance, like a teen but when they turn around they are in late 70's. Come on use some sense and make yourself look good. People judge you on your appearance.
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Default Re: Gray Hair

I personally think gray hair looks distinguished--and there's nothing worse than some person trying to "fool" others. Like an old woman with bright red hair....

But you say you just use some black dye--so I'm glad you're keeping some of your gray!
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Default Re: Gray Hair

I'm 55 and still have a fair amount of sandy hair, but you would never know, because I chop it all off every month. Weirdly, neither my dad, who is 86 and has a complete mane of dark brown hair, nor I have any gray. It's weird.
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