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Default Inflation blues

Train stranded in Oregon snow with 183 passengers -

I still can't get over how much things cost these days. Sad to say, we just have to carry more money or have more money available.
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Angry Re: Inflation blues

Originally Posted by Travelinglady View Post
Train stranded in Oregon snow with 183 passengers -

I still can't get over how much things cost these days. Sad to say, we just have to carry more money or have more money available.

Yeah, I remember stamps being 8 cents and gas was 50 cents a gallon.

So much has gone up...but NOT people's wages so much! How are people supposed to live, esp. that now so much automation is happening? What are humans going to do? Oops, that's another thread. (And I've seen some along those lines....)
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Inflation blues

"Darn...What chapter was that in?"

Inflation blues

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Default Re: Inflation blues

Housing has really gone up.
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Question Re: Inflation blues

Off topic - but somehow I want to say "life's a ***** but we get to fight it!"
I find myself so much wanting the world around me to be at least moral, if not actually caring BUT over the past two months I've been involved in a business deal with some people who think it's fun to play nasty.
I wanted to write something about this dichotomy between not sleeping because I need a reassuring, respectful environment - and knowing I have to fight - that fighting for what is important to me is part of the human experience.

What are humans supposed to do indeed!? I am lucky that I've managed to wiggle through some tough financial challenges though not without costs. I am lucky to have often not had enough but also to fight up to a plateau sometimes where I can see beyond the end of the the week. I am sure luckier than many.

I see in myself that life being tough has developed some emotional muscles more than others, and I can't reconcile my inner need for a steady believable social life YET. But I am working on it.

Despite always being pushed beyond what I think is possible. I took an expensive loan, I am downsizing in order to live with less anxiety - that kind of thing.

I owe my life to the fact that I fought back. Someone tried to kill me and I fought back physically because on the edge of death I didn't have anything left to lose.

Inflation is also shocking over here in Europe - especially inflation + increased taxation on necessities. People find different ways to fight back - I know some young people who built their own houses out of rubbish for example, so their homes don't exist in terms of government services or taxation. French people are demonstrating despite horrible police violence.

It's not simple at all!!! Being short of money is the most demoralising thing possible, but methinks humans are messy creatures?

The hardest thing for me is poor quality healthcare because if you are sick then you can't wiggle.

Another hard thing is seeing more people begging on the streets - because we pay so much for social welfare and then the social workers are not there offering their expertise in order to help those most in genuine need.

It's not so simple as in the 70's when I knew that giving money to people on the street was a help through genuine hard times.
*"Fierce <-> Reality"*

oh god I am struggling today, help me to remember how to stay connected and human!

remember: the nut shell against human predators and my own fear!

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