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Default Re: Only a lesbian could want me.

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mouse_ said:
Inny! You maybe have actually put into words what I was trying to..but making a big hash out of it!!....I was asking someone else this same question...I said is this part of my fanasy of wanting that perfect mother love? but now as I'm an adult, sexual feelings come into it as well...yes domination does seem a biggggggg part of it...I havent yet brooched this subject in therapy...I will now!

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This is so interesting.... I often wonder what that perfect mother love would be like-- but I have a very hard time identifying with women. I barely want to have female friendships-- forget lovers, lol. I will be the first to admit that I can easily find another woman attractive. However, I could never, ever imagine being attracted to woman emotionally. WIth me, rather than search for that mother figure, I tend to have an aversion to females. It's ironic since I'm very girly. I could never imagine even having a connection with a female T.
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