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Default What is this?

So I’m a guy in high school, and I went to this skating rink. There, the scariest thing happened to me. I was playing on an arcade machine, and an older girl, probably in college, came up to me. She started asking personal questions like “Where do you go to school?” and “How old are you?” and “Are you in high school?” Or was the scariest thing ever. At this point, my stomach had crashed, my heart was thrashing, and my head was spinning. It was really scary. I don’t remember what I did, but it made her ask “So you’re not in school?”After that, I just walked away, and I couldnt get that out of my head. It all happened so fast, I didn’t know what to do. She just randomly came up to me, and started blasting me with questions. I felt like I was stuck, and I was frozen solid.
What was her probable motive? What was this called? Should I see a counselor?
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Default Re: What is this?

I would be scared too if someone just walked up to me and started asking me personal questions. Did it seem like she was demanding answers from you? It could have been that she thoughtthat you were cute though and was only wanting to learn more about you. If that is the case it sounds like she doesn't have good communications skills. If you think that you need to see a counselor about it then by all means, do it.
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Default Re: What is this?

It did feel like she was demanding answers. She kept pushing me to answer where I went to school at, and she was really aggressive about it. She just walked up to me with this smug look, and she was definitely older than me. I look young, I’m not aged yet.
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Default Re: What is this?

Back - way back - if the same had happened to me, I would have called the same scenario “flirting.” Or “being hit upon” (not physical fisticuffs).

And I would have attributed the queries of the girl as “small talk in pursuit of flirting,” way back then.

I do not know how young people engage in courting these days. It’s obvious that the girl made you feel discomforted and maybe you should have said as much?

I imagine that had she asked your name, e.g., that would have been even more egregious than asking after your scholastic status?

What was her probable motive? A flawed attempt at getting to know you, maybe?

What was this called? Again, I would have called it flirting (although you may use any derivative of the term, certainly).

Should you see a counselor? My advice would be ‘yes.’

Good luck.

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