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Default Does any of this mean anything? TMI

So I had never given much thought to this before. I've never shared it with anyone or talked about it. But someone was talking about being genderfluid and it kind of made me start questioning myself. I am born female and have identified that way my whole life but I also have a somewhat masculine side. Like if I were to describe myself, I would say I have 2 sides. One is more feminine and one side is more masculine. I love beauty everything but I love having short hair and looking more androgynous at times. I feel like it's the best look for me but I also love wearing dresses and skirts. I usually just kind of switch between the 2 whenever I feel. Now as far as sexual goes, I can hardly ever get off without fantasizing that I'm the guy or that its my penis. I mean I like my vagina but I often think about if I had a penis. Im not transgender. I'm pansexual without a doubt. Just trying to figure out if this other stuff means anything.
Dx: Bipolar 2, Anxiety disorder, Adjustment disorder with depressed anxious mood.
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