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Trig antisexuality

Sex grows diseases, disrespects homosexuals, allows discrimination, perverts gender, facilitates rape, kills mothers and babies, and enslaves women.

I hate sex because I feel some societies and businesses like to push it in my face without my consent. Some men have self-control and some don't. And some businesses profit from the men who don't have self-control.

Some societies don't stop those businesses because some societies are accepting of unsolicited sexuality. Some societies are even accepting of rapists, even by delivering light jail sentences or pardoning rapists completely.

Some societies depend on sex because sex can provide a child. A child is a human resource. Even I might need a child to help secure my future. The only somewhat redeeming benefit of sex is a child.

But the mother can die during labor or childbirth. Or the baby can be premature, dead, or disabled upon delivery. Or the baby can grow up to be a great powerful man, only to destroy his mother and father. So even with this redeeming benefit, sex somewhat fails. and the benefits of sex is thus very small.

Notice that mothers can die while in labor or childbirth, but that the father doesn't risk anything much from sex. And so it seems that the woman is more of a victim in sex, because she can die from her baby.

We don't know what will come out of the womb, regardless of our advanced technology. So sex is like human experimentation. When I was growing up, there was some common joke among college students abut "experimenting" which was meant to be sexual. But now I've realized that sex is not a joke.

Now consider sexually transmitted diseases. And my gosh, I don't think our advance technology knows much about diseases. There are still many diseases that people know no cure for, including cancer and rabies. Sexually transmitted diseases are even hard to identify. Condoms do not provide full protection from diseases either, as some of the diseases are passed through skin contact rather than fluids. Heck, condoms can break! Or a man can pretend that a condom broke, even though he had punctured the condom when the lady wasn't looking: all he would need is a needle, right?

And diseases evolve, so cures are constantly being remade. And diseases cost money: if you are not rich enough, then you are likely not getting any remedy for your sexually transmitted disease unless you were raped. Is sex worth disease?

A man doesn't like to play chess with women, but rather with men; and nobody would care. Yet when a man doesn't like to have sex with women, but rather with men; he gets burnt by an antigay gang. Or when a man touches his own body outside, he gets sent to a hospital or a jail. A man can't even touch his own body, for goodness sakes. Do you see how sex complicates every single aspect of life? Do you see why I hate sex?

Prostitution is illegal. No amount of money will grant you sex where I live. And even if a man travels to a place where sex can be bought, how safe would that sex be? Does the prostitute have sexually transmitted diseases? Did you just buy a disease? Can you get a refund?

Marriage is like the height of romance, in my culture, which deserved my greatest respect. But even marriage is sexual in my culture because a kiss is required. A kiss of Syphilis? When two men kiss outside, you can bet that they would be labeled homosexual. Or can a man kiss another man's wife without that husband being offended or suspicious of adultery. I've lost my faith in romance, even because my culture has seemed to pervert it.
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