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Default Re: I met someone recently, and I can't make sense of him

Originally Posted by MsLady View Post
Autism Spectrum disorder was my guess, too. The maturity level, anxiety, impulsivities, limited social circle and understanding, the depression which could stem from having ASD.. it's such a wide spectrum. It could very well be the case. I've known adults with this disorder that you wouldn't think had it.

Are you able to tap into ASD resources and Community Living supports? Are you receiving financial disability income? This may help you build independence while receiving support outside of the family.. build autonomy even more so, without your parent's influence.

I wouldn't have a problem being on the autism spectrum (although it's not like I would have a choice), but in my opinion the diagnoses never quite seemed to fit me. Part of this has to do with the fact that I went to school with an autistic kid when I was in my early teens. I don't have most of the traits he exhibited. The one that sticks out to me most was his habit of rambling to absolutely anyone about computers, which was his obsession. I don't know if he was 'high' functioning, 'low' functioning, or something in between.

I think I likely have a personality disorder of some kind. I've considered that I may have dependent or borderline personality disorder. BPD occurs mostly in women I believe, and involves a lot of sex and drug use. I've never used recreational drugs, and I've only had these few recent sexual experiences.

Based on my placement on the autism spectrum, I have worked with job placement programs for the disabled. I am currently working with an employment agency now.

I have been told I don't qualify for financial disability income, due to my ability to find and hold down jobs in the past (although not always for long periods of time).

One other kicker is that I've recently got a job at a grocery store located 10 minutes away from this guy. And he knows.
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