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Default Going days without sleeping

Hey guys,
I have been having issues with sleeping for years now, and I was just wondering if there was some sort of treatment any of you have had that helps? There have been times where I don't sleep for three days. I rarely get more than three hours of sleep a night, and when I do sleep I have horrible nightmares. They're always so vivid and unsettling that I can't go back to sleep after I've woken up. I think the lack of sleep has really been affecting my daily life, including school and relationships with friends. For a while, my sound machine helped, but it's starting to not work anymore for me. Should I go to my doctor and ask about insomnia? I kinda thought this would all just go away if I waited long enough.
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Default Re: Going days without sleeping

((((atlas1207)))) It won't go away by itself. Definitely go to your doctor and talk to him about this. Hopefully he'll be able to help you. I'm sorry you're struggling
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Default Re: Going days without sleeping

Daily exercise is a big help for me. I also use medication on and off. After nightmares I always change my location. I sleep on the floor, couch, outside, any place that is different. It started because my bed would be soaked from sweat, but I think it helps in general for me to physically get away from the immediate memory.
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Smile Re: Going days without sleeping

From what you wrote, it sounds like your sleep-related problems are pretty severe. So I wonder if it might not be a good idea to look into the possibility of attending a sleep clinic. You could certainly talk to your doctor about your insomnia. But my thinking would be s/he is just likely to prescribe some sleep medication which may help but which won't get to the root of the problem. Here are links to 7 articles, from PsychCentral's archives, on the subject of sleep as well as nightmares:

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9 Tips for A Good Night's Sleep

14 Strategies for Sleeping Better

The First Line of Treatment for Insomnia That'll Surprise You

How to Eliminate Recurring Nightmares

My best wishes to you...
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