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Default Insomniac?

I get about 3 hours of sleep at night. It's not new but it's been getting worse the past couple of days. I take sleep medication when I need it but for some reason I don't feel like taking it. I'm up until 2 in the morning and wake up @ 4 or 5 unable to fall back to sleep. I'm afraid it's becoming a habit. Anyone have similar issues or advice?
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Default Re: Insomniac?

I am a huge advocate of sleep studies no matter what you think or even your p-doc thinks your sleep issues are. Until you have a sleep specialist observe, record and study you while you actually sleep (or not) its like throwing a dart into the dark, you do not really know what you are dealing with. I wont hijack your thread about my sleep issues but intially I had the study done to a-find out why I couldnt sleep, b- find a way to treat it and c-make sure I would be able to stay healthy. My less educated self (like 8 years ago) simply wanted medication. But being an alcoholic, sleep medications were going to be a slippery slope for me. Danger territory so I stopped using them, researched my own way and went through my own "sleep training" that works. It still works. I say be persistent and either have a willing doc refer you or find a specialist in network and ask for one.
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