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Default Dream and sleep issue

I am having this reoccuring dream that I am helping my ex hide dead bodies wth? Also found out my sleep study results. My oxygen drops to 78% at night. Is that real bad? They said something about a breathing machine. A cpap.
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Default Re: Dream and sleep issue

I don't know about all the other imagery in your dream but I'm sure the dead bodies represent your attempts to grow as a person -- death of part of yourself. And the hiding might represent your wish to keep things private.
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Default Re: Dream and sleep issue

I am supposed to use a cpap at night. Once you get used to wearing it your quality of sleep will improve a ton!! I lost oxygen and stopped breathing like 17 times an hour in my sleep study. They said my case was severe. I don't have my machine cause I don't have insurance to get supplies for it. ( mask, hose, tank) I was devastated to hear I needed one and miserable for about a week and then I realized I was resting better. Just make sure you buy the distilled water or you tank will get nasty and the air will smell funny. Make sure you wash your mask and hose every day and let them dry. Take care of the skin on your face. And get something to keep your mouth moisturized. Biotine? I think? And pay attention to your teeth!! Continuous air flow dries your mouth and is bad for oral health!!
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