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Default How effective are sleep aid gadgets?

As the title says, I am researching sleep aid products and gadgets. I have difficulties getting to sleep and I feel tired in the morning and during the day. I have to drink coffee and energy drinks just to function during the day. I read some reviews and I am torn between Touchpoints and the more expensive Dreem 2 Have anyone used any of these or a similar product? Please share your experience with me if possible. Thank you.
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Default Re: How effective are sleep aid gadgets?

I have massive sleep issues due to bipolar disorder. Meds really don't work--I've been on almost all of them. I have optimized my environment and that has helped a bit. Mostly, it is a giant struggle.

As far as Dreem goes, as a guy who designed medical devices for a living, it looks to me like a bit of a scam. Not to be insulting, but who are you to break down and analyze the data of your sleep 'studies?' Isn't that the job of a sleep physician and their team? I don't get it. It seems kind of like selling scalpels to people with appendicitis and expecting them then to be able to do an appendectomy. Seems sort of ridiculous to me.

Have you considered the possibility that you might have narcolepsy? Or elements of it? There are really good treatments for it. Just a thought.

Wishing you all the best. I would see the best sleep expert in your area and, since you live in one of the largest metro areas on earth, there are probably quite a few. Best of luck to you--
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