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Default Sleep > Life

I usually read and hear people saying that they have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, and they dream of nothing but nightmares. Well, for me it's different. Yes, I do sometimes have problems falling and staying asleep, especially when I am super anxious over somethings. Yes, I had this terrible and longish phase of getting up at 4 am and not being able to fall asleep again, and having all those terrible thoughts of myself and my miserable life, but in general I love sleep. In fact, I usually like sleep more than my awake life. I wish I could have a button which I could press when I wanted just to instatly fall asleep and escape my terrible thoughts.

What is more, I love dreaming. Even at my darkest days, my dreams were generally nice. I felt happy, I felt safe, I loved the cosy atmosphere they provided me. There were mornings when the only thing I wanted was for another night to come so I could fall asleep and dream something nice again. Of course, I had some nightmares, some dreams that brought nothing but hopelessness to me but, overall, dreams were my haven which I somehow find strange because I also read many stories of people having terrible dreams, etc. Does that mean that subconsiously I am ok (considering that dreaming is subconscious, etc.etc)? Does that mean that I am just making everything up (by everything I mean fear, anxiety, isolation, etc. etc.) since subconsiouslly I am all sane and fluffy? Those nice dreams, they dissapeared several years ago, and I miss them so much!
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Thanks for sharing your dream experiences. I can't really offer anything with regard to what they may have suggested about your mental health. I think this is something you would perhaps have to explore with the help of a mental health therapist. However here are links to 6 articles, from Psych Central's archives, that may be of interest:

Interpret Your Own Dreams - Some Guidelines

How to Analyze Your Dreams (And Why It's Important)

9 Common Questions About Dreams Answered

Uncovering Your Dreams: 12 Universal Themes

Dreams: Your Inner Guidance

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Default Re: Sleep > Life

Are you taking any medications? If you are could they affect whether you dream or not?

Im not sure what it exactly means, the way I read my dreams is they are trying to convey a thought to my consciousness. If your not dreaming does that mean no nightmares at least..

I went sometime with out dreaming, I think that's why I look forward to a good movie it takes me away from my present situations or idling thoughts.
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Default Re: Sleep > Life

I used to use sleep as an escape from my parents fighting as a kid. Then sleep became a stress response and I'd get tired any time I stressed out. Eventually it became no sleep when things were calm. Now I sleep once every few days if I'm lucky. Today is day 4, last sleep was the first one in 3 weeks (hallucinations start around day 11, twitching happens day 13)

As much as you love to sleep, don't use it as an escape. Keep a healthy sleep schedule if you can, or the sleep schedule will make you.

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