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Default Re: Cig free for a month

Originally Posted by twistypringle98 View Post
I was tempted into smoking and I did. I bought some packs, but I've learned my lesson. I got SO irritable and had several panic attacks. At first I thought I could hide it from everybody and just smoke one, but then I told my mom. I literally and emotionally felt like crap. Not only did I ruin 5 months, but I spent about $150 on them. I could have saved that money or just done things with it.

I feel like such a lousy person.
No worries, stay strong and keep at it. Quitting is so hard to do. I've gone a month now and have been exercising and eating healthy (helps out big time). It's about the fourth time I've quit. Lol. It gets a bit easier each time and I learn what trips me off every time I go back to it. I'm confident I got a good momentum this time. It's important to find other ways to deal with the stress and boredom for me. I'm sure you can do it! Don't beat yourself up too hard, keep trying. Im cheering you on! It's the best thing you can do for yourself.
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Default Re: Cig free for a month

I've decided to quit this smoking crap again. One day in, one day out, and I only have a bit of vape juice left. Let's see if I am able to go far with this one. I stopped that 5 month quit and really felt like poopy the whole time. Period. Not even just in the way where I mean I didn't achieve what I wanted to. Physically, too, and I was grouchy.

At least I have an excuse to eat a lot now.
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