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Thumbs up I'm quitting smoking

Lately I began to notice that I'm allergic to cigarette smoke. I've always ended up with a sinus infection or unable to breathe out of my nostrils. So I'm quitting the habit because I'm simply tired of these headaches I keep getting and I want to be able to breathe out of my nostrils. I think I'm simply am sensitive to this and I never realized it. So I think this will be a good start for the new year. Just threw out the pack of cigarette's out. Now I just have to withdrawal and not go back to it. I'm remaining hopeful and I know I won't go back to it due to how it made me feel anytime I did smoke. So I'm proud of myself!!
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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking

Best of Luck
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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking

I wish you well with it.
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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking

Awesome! I could never quit cold turkey, so Im proud of you too and wish you luck with your withdrawal.
I haven't enough willpower therefor I switched to vaping and hope to refuse nicotine at all. My first vaporizer was Migvapor and I totally satisfied, good device and price.
Ive never heard anything about allergy to cigarette smoke, but I felt something like this after 3 months without cigarettes. When someone smokes near me, my nose got stuffy.
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